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The US develops high-temp super capacitor by clay

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There is plenty of cheap clay in the nature, which is also the key component of a super capacitor. According to news of Physicist Organizational Network dated Sep. 3, scientists of Rice University mixed clay and an electrolyte to develop a “composite board” that can serve both as electrolyte and segregation board. So it can be used as a new type of high-temp. super capacitor. Related paper was published in Nature Scientific Reports dated Sep. 3.
"For years researchers has been having the intention of producing energy storage devices that can function stably in high temperatures such as battery and super capacitor. Owing to limitation of the intrinsic nature of traditional materials, however, the problem has never been tackled" said Parry Agarn, material scientist of Rice University, our revolution is the success in finding a type of unconventional electrolyte /isolation plate system that remains stable in high temperatures.
They researched a type of room temperature ionic liquid (RTILs) that was developed by European and Austrian scientists in 2009. RTILs has lower electrical conductivity in room temperature but shows lower viscosity and higher electroconductibility after heating. Owing to its higher heat stability, adsorbability and permeability and larger active surface area, clay is generally used in oil drilling, modern architecture or steel forging.
Researchers mix an equal amount of RTILs and the bentonite clay in Nature to make a type of epoxy glue and then sandwich it between two layers of reductive graphite oxide before installing two current collectors upward and downward. In this way, a super capacitor is generated. As shown in the test and electron microscopic image, this material shows no change when heated to 200℃ and shows slight change even heated by 300℃.
The research team also mixed RTILs/ clay and a small amount of thermoplastic polyurethane to turn out a film that can be cut into different sizes and shapes and adapt flexibly to the design of various devices.
"We aim at overcoming the limitations of traditional liquid or gelled electrolyte which can only be applied to low-temp. electrochemical energy equipment," said Reddy,"this research will enable users to carry out safe operation in wider temperature range rather than keep compromising in terms of energy, power and life cycle. In this way, the need of costly heat management system is greatly cut down and even eliminated."

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