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The 4th China (Shanghai) International Super-Capacitor Industry Fair ends successfully

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From Aug. 20 to 22, 2013, our company had been present at 4th China (Shanghai) International Super-Capacitor Industry Fair which has ended successfully. During the fair, the professionals of our company, replying on their years of experience, developed new customers by concluding many orders and carried out technical communication with experts of the industry, allowing us to be more in line with the competition of the super capacitor field.


To show the attention and support of the Chaoyang municipal government, director Liu of Longcheng District, Chaoyang also showed up at the fair, winning great confident and courage for us.
The fair confirms in our belief the BIGCAP concept – survive and develop through product quality. BIGCAP will do our best to satisfy all our customers and make them rest assured of our products. Each one of the BIGCAP® capacitor is the cell our company, and its quality is closely related to the future of our company. Because customers constitute our framework, we will spare no effort to provide them with the most desired products.


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